Home and Away spoilers: Does Bree have feelings for Remi after love triangle drama?


New doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) has recently had to let Remi (Adam Rowland) down by telling him that she’s married. However, the pair have managed to move forwards and remain friends, so when Bree sees Remi hungover one morning she takes pity on him and invites him out for breakfast.

They have a relaxed time together, and Bree suggests they hang out some more. However, Remi says he has band practice, so he heads back to his place to get ready. Little does Bree know, Remi lied about his plans and didn’t want to reveal he’s got a date.

Later, Bree is walking along the beach when she sees Remi by the waves. She’s about to call to him, but abruptly stops when another woman runs towards him and he swings her around in his arms. He’s clearly on another date – trying to move on from Bree. So why does Bree seem so rattled?

That evening, Bree and Remi cross paths again as they both seek out pizza. They realise they both have a free evening and want the same food, so why not spend the time together? Their comfortable night in soon gets too cozy, however, when looks begin to linger.

Remi admits he lied about his date with the nurse, but Bree brushes over it and suggests they open another bottle. Remi abruptly calls it a night, privately being filled with longing for Bree but not wanting to show it.

On the surface, Bree is polite, but deep down she feels rattled again and asks herself – why does she care so much about Remi?

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