Home and Away’s Emily Weir life with family and romances away from Mackenzie Booth role


Her businessowner character is set to hit hard times as her restaurant is in massive debt, but in real life, the actress lives a simple life with her close family

Most people are familiar with Emily Weir from her portrayal of Mackenzie Booth in the hit soap drama Home and Away.

After her restaurant accrues significant debts, her character decides to attempt to preserve it by taking on significant risks.

The actress, however, spends her time with her immediate family in real life.

How old is Emily?

Emily was supposedly born in 1991, making her age about 30.

She has a close relationship with her mother Christine, brother Tom, and his child. The family enjoys spending a lot of time together, days at the beach, and dining out.

On her mother’s birthday, the soap star penned a really kind note to her, expressing her gratitude for everything she has in life and praising her for being the funniest and most beautiful person she knows.

Who does Emily play in Home and Away?

On June 13 of last year, Emily made her debut on the program. She was observed filming by paparazzi, and it was known she would feature on the soap long before her broadcast debut.

She remembered screaming and rushing around “like a crazed woman” when she learned about the thrilling role when she was rehearsing for a separate production.

Emily described being a star of Home and Away as a “dream come true” and an incredible experience.

Her persona, a businesswoman, took over the Salt restaurant. She was identified as Dean Thompson’s half-sister shortly after she arrived in the bay.

Despite having a father in common, neither of them are very close to him because of the father’s adultery with Dean’s mother, which resulted in Dean’s conception.

However, as she battles to keep her company afloat, her character Mackenzie is going to through tough times.

As waitress Felicity launches a clandestine poker event in an effort to cover the costs of the recent gas attack, she will take a hazardous step.

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