Married at First Sight Australia starts tonight on E4!


Tonight sees the long-awaited return of Married at First Sight Australia to British screens, as we meet 10 brand new couples hoping to find true love, and/or social media stardom.

The show and its UK counterpart have become two of E4’s biggest hits in recent years, and viewers can’t get enough of the loving gestures and romantic moments… oh, and the never-ending drama and scandal that follows certain contestants wherever they go.

Of course, the Australian version has the added benefit of endless good weather, beautiful scenery, mullets, and heaps of fair dinkum Aussie slang.

This year has the usual mix of sweet, genuine couples, those who aren’t quite sure, and some absolute trainwrecks, and we’re already hooked.

The series kicked off in Australia on 30th January 2023, and is already over halfway through. In the five months it’s been on the air, we’ve already seen plenty of drama, scandal and betrayal, with more sure to come. Now, us Brits get to witness it for ourselves.

The drama begins tonight at 7:30pm on E4.

“It’s the national experiment that’s got the whole world talking,” we’re reminded in the first couple of minutes of the opening episode. “The experiment’s sole focus remains unchanged. To help people find true love.”

With rumours of producers being caught orchestrating scandals – (the Daily Mail recently reported that producers stepped in to create drama when things were going a little too well at the homestays) – we’re not convinced that’s the experiment’s sole focus, but we love it anyway.

Get ready for the “phone number scandal,” shush-gate, a butt-dial controversy, as well as an event that producers dubbed “biggest shock ever to rock a wedding.”

Watching over proceedings are ​​relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling, along with clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla. Viewers of Married at First Sight UK will recognise Mel from the British version of the show.

Now that British viewers can finally see the new season, we take a look at what’s in store.

When is Married at First Sight Australia on TV?

It’s back at 7:30pm tonight (Monday 6th March 2023) on E4, but watch out, it’s on twice in one night!

The first edition airs at 7:30pm until 9pm, with a second edition at 10pm until 10:35pm. So we get a full two hours of Married at First Sight on the opening night!

It’s then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm.

We assume the double episode is just for the opening night, and subsequent Mondays will have just one episode at 7:30pm.

Expect drama from the first second of the opening episode, as we’re introduced to our first bride – Bronte – gushing over her new groom.

“He’s so lovely. Like, he’s so nice. Like, I’m actually just genuinely blown away that he’s a nice person, and I’m hoping that he’s here for the right reasons,” she tells a friend.

“I want this marriage to work and I will do anything in my power to make it work.”

Oh dear. Sorry, Bronte, but something tells us that’s not going to happen.

“I need to tell you something,” her friend confesses. “So, my friend told me about this guy…”

The audio is muffled, but between shots of the wedding party enjoying themselves and toasts being raised “to happily ever after”, we hear the friend tell Bronte something, to which the new bride reacts in shock.

“What? Oh my god, no, no, no, you’re lying. That’s my worst nightmare. Like literally, are you serious?”

And so begins the big drama of the series. Read more about Harrison’s big secret here…

Who are the MAFS Australia 2023 couples?

The series begins with 10 couples, with another two “intruder” couples introduced a few weeks in. Our first 10 Married at First Sight Australia couples for 2023 are:

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