Home and Away newcomer Levi races to save a Summer Bay favourite


This week on Home and Away in Australia, new cardiac surgeon Dr Levi races to save Mackenzie after she suffers a medical emergency.

There’s a new doctor in town, as Perth actor Tristan Gorey makes his debut as Dr Levi this week, a cardiothoracic surgeon who’s called in to Northern Districts Hospital to try and save the life of a Summer Bay resident.

That resident is none other than Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) , after the 30-year-old has a heart attack in the middle of Salt during an argument with co-owner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis)!

Mac has been well and truly in the firing line this past week, as Flick has struggled to cope with the breakdown of her marriage to Tane (Ethan Browne)—after she continued to take the pill whilst lying to him that she was willing to start a family.

When Flick discovered that Tane had moved into the farmhouse with Mac and Mali (Kyle Shilling) after leaving their Saxon Avenue abode, she immediately accused Mac of taking sides, telling her that she was making it too easy for her husband to leave her.

Mac tried to explain that she was simply helping out a friend, the last thing she wants is to be caught in the middle, but Flick refused to listen.

In his attempt to quickly move on from Flick, Tane returned to his old self by heading out to a bar and bringing home a one-night-stand, Leyla (Francesca Hung).

Mali was surprised when the two emerged from the bedroom the next morning, and was left wondering what he was supposed to say to Flick when she inevitably asked after Tane.

Tell her the truth,” Tane replied nonchalantly. “I really don’t care.

As a promo for this week’s episode shows, it doesn’t take long for Flick to discover what Tane has been up to.

Still desperate for a reconciliation, Flick heads round to the farmhouse late one evening where she’s met by Mac at the door. Flick begs to see Tane, asking to just knock on his bedroom door, but Mac refuses to let her into the house.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) sees Mac the next morning, he asks whether it would have been so bad for Mac to let Flick into the house.

I was trying to protect her,” Mac replies, clearly hinting that Tane was busy entertaining another lady at the time of Flick’s visit.

Cash later confides in Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about what he’s learned, worried that this really is the end for his sister’s marriage.

“If he’s already sleeping with other women, what does that say,” he ponders.

Unfortunately, Flick is just outside his bedroom door at the time, and hears everything.

Naturally, Flick heads straight to Salt to take another swipe at Mac, this is all her fault!

Are you happy now?” she exclaims. “You give my husband a place to stay and this is where it lands? So much for being a friend!

An exasperated Mac tries to explain once again but Flick just keeps yelling. All of a sudden Mac stumbles as she gets an excruciating pain in her chest. Luckily paramedic-cum-bartender Xander (Luke Van Os) is right beside her, and as he asks if she’s okay, she explains that she can’t breathe.

Mac suddenly collapses in pain and Xander and Cash rush to catch her. Xander does his best to keep her talking but she then appears to slip into unconsciousness as a stunned Flick watches on in horror.

Mackenzie’s upcoming heart troubles were first revealed by Back to the Bay back in August, when we reported on an audition piece that had been posted publicly online, which we now know to be for Levi…

So, has anyone told you what has happened to you yet?

I had a heart attack.

Technically yes, but there’s a little bit more to it than that. You had what’s called a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. Basically, that means there was a tear in one of the blood vessels in your heart.


And when that happens, the heart muscle starts to die. Which is why you collapsed.

But why… I mean, why did it happen?

We don’t know why, it’s extremely rare. So, I guess that means you’re part of a very exclusive club now.

I’d rather frequent flyer points…

 As Mac’s taken to the hospital in Yabbie Creek, the call goes out for Levi who is respected as one of the best cardiothoracic surgeons around. He introduces himself to Bree (Juliet Godwin), and his confidence leaves her assured that Mac will be in good hands.

Levi is a driven, headstrong individual who believes hard work pays off,” Tristan told TV Week. “Like most surgeons, he loves what he does and relishes the opportunity to test himself at work.

The stakes are high, and if Levi can’t figure out what the problem is, there may be serious consequences for one of Summer Bay’s most-loved characters,” Tristan adds.

It would seem that Levi already has a fan in the hospital though, in the form of their newly employed nurse Dana (Ally Harris). With synopses for this week stating that Dana reconnects with a former colleague, it appears that the pair have worked together before. Dana sings Tristan’s praises as she explains that he once saved her life.

Dana isn’t the only resident that Levi is known to though, with TV Week teasing that someone else in Summer Bay isn’t as happy to see him. In fact, when they discover he’s in town, it leads to an “explosive showdown“.

We believe we already know the answer to this one though. As we recently reported, filming at Palm Beach has revealed that Levi is none other than Eden’s brother!

Eden has been reluctant to talk about her family even as recently as last week, when she swiftly changed the subject when Bree enquired about them. Whilst no siblings have been mentioned before, we do know that Eden grew up in a funeral home, with her parents still hoping that she’ll one day take over the business.

What will Eden have to say when Levi turns up out of the blue?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 6th November (Episode 8155)

Felicity’s desperation turns to wrath. Leah and Justin set a date. A feud builds to a heart-stopping moment.

Tuesday 7th November (Episode 8156)

A life is on the line. Felicity leads with rage. Cash’s career is in jeopardy.

Wednesday 8th November (Episode 8157)

Felicity makes a heartfelt plea to Tane. Dana connects with a former colleague.

Thursday 9th November (Episode 8158)

Has John burnt a bridge with his only ally? Harper lends an ear to Tane. Justin receives a worrying phone call.

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