Home and Away's Kirby Aramoana to warn off Valerie in Theo drugs plot

 Kirby accuses Valerie of being a bad influence.

Home and Away's Kirby Aramoana makes an enemy of Summer Bay newcomer Valerie Beaumont next week.

Kirby risks the wrath of Valerie when she urges her to stop supplying Theo Poulos with drugs.

Recent scenes have shown Valerie confide in Theo about how she relies on party drugs to ease the pain she feels over her brother's tragic death.

Valerie offered Theo drugs so he could experience it himself, marking the beginning of a darker storyline for the Lyrik singer.

In next week's UK-pace episodes, Kirby informs Theo that they've been booked for a couple of new media interviews to promote Lyrik.

Kirby notices that Theo has been partying and raises her concern that he may not be in a fit state for the interview. Valerie dismisses this and insists that Theo will be fine.

Once they're alone, Valerie questions Theo on why Kirby needs to supervise him during press interviews. Theo agrees that it's time to stand up for himself more, so he tells Kirby that he'll do the interview alone.

Kirby agrees, surprised that Theo is willing to take this step after his previous blunders with publicity for Lyrik. However, she secretly decides to inform Justin Morgan that Valerie may be a bad influence on Theo, without sharing the full details.

Later in the week, Kirby's concern grows when she sees Theo coming out of the sea following a surf. She remembers seeing him high on drugs with Valerie the previous day.

Kirby intervenes by telling Theo that it's highly dangerous to go surfing while still under the influence. She also reminds him about his booked press interview that afternoon, which he seems to have forgotten about.

Still blaming Valerie as the source of Theo's issues, Kirby warns her to stop supplying him with drugs. Valerie gives Kirby a defiant response, hinting that she has no power to make demands. Will Kirby back down?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday, April 15 and Friday, April 19 on Channel 5.

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