Home and Away spoilers: baby snatch twist, surprise return and Remi's one-night-stand

 A baby goes missing from Summer Bay and all fingers point to a beloved resident. Elsewhere Levi’s not impressed when his wife returns amid his affair and Remi moves on with an A-lister.

There’s plenty of drama on Home and Away next week.

Actress Stevie, who is being stalked, watches Remi pull in on his motorbike as she sips on her coffee, enjoying the view. Cash is quickly on her case. As he ushers her inside, she begrudgingly complies, but later finds out she has an audition for a rom-com she’s been chasing for ages. Cash is a firm no.

He can’t guarantee her safety, so they can’t risk it. But Stevie later organises to submit a self-tape for the audition. Stevie wastes no time roping in Remi to play her scene partner, who’s using the pool for his physio.

They retreat to his place to film, and the chemistry is definitely there. A few beers in and they fall into each other’s arms. They’re lying in bed together when Cash realises, she’s left the house and immediately panics. Meanwhile Remi and Stevie go for round two back at his.

Cash leaves the last of a string of urgent voicemails for Stevie as he prepares to do a drive around to locate her. Suddenly, his phone dings, and up pops a selfie of Stevie in bed with Remi that she’s just posted on social media - for the whole world to see.

Cash wastes no time dragging her back home, where he reads her the riot act – do not leave the house, and do not post pictures. She weighs the odds and apologises to Cash. Meanwhile, Felicity comes into Salt, and when she sees an upbeat Bree, she realises she hasn’t seen Stevie’s social media post yet. Xander bites the bullet and shows her the post, but Bree covers – she’s fine.

However she later confides the truth to Xander – she and Remi hadn’t slept together since the accident, and now he has with someone else. He’s moving on, she laments, and she’s still broken.

Bree continues venting to Xander about her breakup with Remi. She later gets drunk with Dana and the afternoon shifts to night. Xander is helping an inebriated Bree leave the venue when she surprises him with a kiss. He politely resists, but Dana is coming downstairs behind them and looks on, devastated.

The next day, Dana talks through her jealousy with Irene, and Bree goes to grovel to Xander – she’s sorry it happened. He accepts her apology, but not without a word of warning – she can’t use him to move on from Remi, there has to be a better way.

Elsewhere, Levi’s not thrilled that Eden has invited his wife Imogen for a surprise visit. He tells Mackenzie there’s been a change of plans - his wife’s coming to the Bay.

Imogen arrives, and Levi’s worst nightmare plays out when she and Eden decide the three of them should head to Salt. He sends a furtive text to Mackenzie, gutting her. The man she loves is bringing his wife to dinner – at her restaurant.

Later on, Eden and Imogen settle in for coffee at Salt, with Mackenzie keenly listening in, desperate to learn more about her romantic rival. Imogen apologises for burdening Eden with her marital issues, but stresses that she’s sure something has changed between her and Levi.

Mackenzie is wracked with guilt as she digests the obvious pain she’s causing, but against her better judgement, Mackenzie pulls up a chair. Levi is aghast to walk in on his wife, his sister and his mistress having coffee together!

Later, in private, Levi scolds her. It’s heated, and Mackenzie gives back just as good – get out of my house. Go home to your wife.

Tane is reeling from the news that a suitable temporary foster family has been found for Maia. He lashes out at Rose over the ongoing AVO preventing him from seeing the baby.

When he arrives home and finds that Mali has brought Rose to spend the night, tensions flare and a heated argument erupts. Later, Tane and Mackenzie share a heart-to-heart about their respective plights, and the old friends give each other warm counsel.

The next day, Tane apologises to Harper, and even to Rose – he knows her hands are tied where it comes to baby Maia. Rose calls Tane and Roo to a meeting. She has an update on baby Maia – the paperwork’s been finalised, and first thing tomorrow, the emergency foster carers are coming to pick up the baby. She’s holding a media conference today.

Tane is stung by the news, and walks off in silence, but Roo promises to keep an eye on him. After he’s sharp with Rose and Dana later, she approaches him on the beach and attempts to soothe him, but Tane’s downcast – they can’t fix this.

At the hospital, Dana watches on as Roo says an emotional farewell to Maia. Thoughtfully, Dana brings Tane a photograph of baby Maia, but it doesn’t buoy him the way she’d hoped.

When he turns to leave, she stops him – wait. And under the cover of darkness, she sneaks him into the hospital to say his goodbyes, breaching the AVO. As she gives them a moment together, Rose receives a vital update from Sarge – a woman has come forward claiming to be the baby’s mother.

Dana heads back to the ward with the good news, thrilled, but her excitement is cut short by the worst-case scenario - Tane is gone, and baby Maia with him! Where has he taken Maia?

Also happening on Home and Away, Valerie is on the phone, trying to get more pills with a promise to pay later but they are told they need the money upfront. When Justin meets Valerie and Theo at the coffee cart later, Theo asks about Lyrik’s fee for performing at the reception, and he and Valerie exchange covert smiles when Justin confirms it’s a paid gig.

Later, Theo lies to ensure he gets the money in cash, and he and Valerie embrace when Justin agrees. When they go to meet the dealer, Theo’s having second thoughts about stealing from Justin, but Valerie pushes him, and he hands over the money.

When she meets Justin later though, Kirby finds out about the money he gave Theo for equipment hire, and she’s instantly suspicious. Theo confirms that he spent the money on drugs, and Kirby rails – he’s stealing from family, and he’s compromised the band.

He assures her he’ll pay the money back, but when he tells Valerie that Kirby knows, she freaks out and goes to confront her head on. Kirby doesn’t mince her words – Valerie’s a drug addict. She needs help. When she threatens to take the pills away, it’s more than Valerie can bear, and she storms off with Theo in hot pursuit. Seeing no other option, Kirby goes to Justin – it’s about Theo, she tells him.

Justin is in disbelief when Kirby tells him the truth about Theo – he stole the money Justin gave him for equipment hire to buy drugs for himself and Valerie.

She goes on – Valerie has a serious drug problem, and Theo is in love with her. Justin heads straight home looking for Theo and ends up searching his backpack, and his guitar case. When neither of them can track him down, Justin is firm that they can’t tell Leah about this. Not until after the wedding.

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