Home and Away Spoilers – Remi reconsiders his split from Bree


This week on Home and Away in Australia, as Remi’s jealousy over Bree and Nelson grows, is he really over his ex?

Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowland) broke up earlier this year, after Remi’s refusal to give up his beloved motorbike was a red line for Bree.

Working as a doctor, Bree often saw first-hand the dangers of motorbikes as accident victims were wheeled into Northern Districts, so she was never the biggest fan of her boyfriend’s hobby.

In a surprise turn of events, the 2023 Season Finale week saw her finally agree to get on the back of Remi’s bike, and she had the time of her life as the pair sped through the country roads before stopping at a picturesque lake.

However, when Remi was left seriously injured after a collision in the 2023 season finale, it reaffirmed her belief that bikes are deathtraps.

As Remi recovered, Bree begged him to get back on his bike again, eventually giving him an ultimatum that it was either her or the bike.

Remi initially told Bree that he chose her and that he’d sell his bike, but in reality he had no intention of getting rid of it.

When Bree arrived at the Lyrik house to find a still injured Remi revving his bike in the front garden, it set the wheels in motion for their split.

Since then, Remi has moved on with superstar actress Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies), and Bree was left heartbroken by just how quickly her ex-boyfriend had moved on.

To make things all the more awkward, recent episodes have seen Bree connect with Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu), the director of Stevie’s new film ‘All Our Tomorrows’, initially having no idea of his connection to Stevie.

As if navigating their post-breakup world wasn’t hard enough, Bree dating the film director while Remi dates his lead actress has led to plenty of awkward moments, including  them inadvertently ending up on a double date in Salt.

This week, Bree is surprised to discover that her new fling is also a motorbike enthusiast. But while a love of bikes was a dealbreaker in her relationship with Remi, it seems she’s willing to look past the dangers when it comes to her new beau.

“Of course you ride a motorbike,” Bree exclaims as the pair exit the beach and Nelson makes a beeline for an impressive motorbike parked up nearby.

“Is that a problem?” Nelson asks, and in a surprise turn of events, Bree replies, “Not a problem,” before happily jumping on the back.

Now, TV Week has revealed that later in the week, Remi and Bree come face to face again as Nelson and Stevie whisk them away to the same fancy house after enjoying separate dates.

Remi comes downstairs and is greeted by the sight of Nelson and his ex-girlfriend locking lips, and he looks decidedly unimpressed.

“Processing an ex moving on is almost always wrapped in guilt and jealousy,” Adam Rowland explains to TV Week, adding that while he’s “conflicted by Bree’s jealousy,” he’s also struggling not to compare himself to Nelson.

Just why did she break up with him over his love of bikes, but she’ll happily jump into bed with another motorbike lover?

“Remi is trying to understand what it is that Nelson has that he doesn’t,” Adam continues.

While Remi understood the reasons for their split, he’s now having second thoughts. As he and Bree have a heart-to-heart on the beach and discuss their feelings, it’s clear that something is stopping Remi from moving on completely.

“Bree is still everything that Remi wants,” Adam told the publication.

Turning to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) for advice, his best friend tells him, “You need to figure out who you want to be with, and you need to hope that it’s not too late.”

In this Thursday’s episode, Remi calls time on his fling with Stevie, suggesting that he’s not ready to give up on Bree after all.

Will Bree feel the same way?

As we recently revealed in our ‘Who’s getting engaged?‘ article, it looks like Remi and Bree are set to get back together in the coming months.

Filming in Palm Beach in mid-March, witnessed by the Back to the Bay team, saw a large number of cast members attending a celebratory gathering on the beach, with rumours flying that they were filming an engagement party.

in a surprising twist, as our exclusive photos show, Bree and Remi look to be back together by the time these scenes air later this year.

Some portions of the scenes filmed in the mid-afternoon appeared to shift focus onto Remi and Bree, with Tane approaching Remi at one point to shake his hand and give him a bottle of beer.

Yet despite the celebrations focussing on one couple getting engaged, it seems that Bree and Remi aren’t ready to take that step just yet, with no engagement ring visible on Bree’s hand.

Which leaves the question – just who is getting engaged?

Read the full article to find out…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 13th May (Episode 8257)

Mali’s overworked and under pressure. Mackenzie and Levi are shunned. Will Tane accept help?

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 8258)

Nelson charms Bree. Mackenzie and Levi face the fallout of the affair. Mali and Kirby establish ground rules.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 8259)

Remi and Bree navigate new loves. John encounters stage fright before his TV debut. Is Dana crowding Xander?

Thursday 16th May (Episode 8260)

Remi calls time on his new fling. Cash makes space for both women in his life. Harper looks out for her sister.

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