Home and Away's Stevie Marlow left feeling trapped in stalker plot

 Stevie is struggling with her ordeal.

Home and Away's Stevie Marlow will be left feeling trapped amid her ongoing stalker plot.

The film star recently hired Cash Newman to be her bodyguard after she started being hassled by a stalker.

The individual in question seems to be a fan of Stevie's horror films, with creepy connections forming between the on-screen storylines and real-life crimes.

Stevie's ordeal will soon come to a head when she is sent a suspicious teddy bear that has a hidden camera and microphone concealed inside it.

In scenes set to air on Channel 5 in the UK next week, Stevie struggles after receiving the creepy teddy bear. Before Cash destroys the hidden recording devices, the stalker manages to grab a picture of them both and anonymously posts it on social media.

The photo is worryingly posted alongside a sequence of numbers from Stevie's Death Throes movie, which depicts a character's death.

The cryptic post quickly sends Cash into action, where he informs Stevie that she won't be able to go to the film premiere she was expected to attend that evening.

Cash tries to comfort a worried Stevie by telling her she's doing the right thing by not going, but she believes that her change of plan means the stalker has won.

Stevie later confides in Cash, admitting that the reason she worked so hard to get where she is was so she won't have to be scared and rely on someone – like she is now. When will Stevie's ordeal come to an end?

Speaking about the dark storyline, Cash actor Nicholas Cartwright explained that his character will do everything he can to protect Stevie from the unknown stalker.

"Cash knows that the danger facing Stevie is real and it's escalating," he said. "Cash doesn't know what the stalker is capable of."

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