Home and Away spoilers: Felicity’s one-night-stand, Tane prison fears and Bree fling

 Felicity ends up bonking a mysterious stranger only to be left mortified after learning his identity. Elsewhere, Stevie’s movie starts filming in the Bay and there’s drama in store for Tane.

Home and Away fans can expect drama next week on the Aussie soap.

Stevie’s new movie starts shooting in Summer Bay, but Nelson, the director, is busy getting to know Bree, and they have clear chemistry. When Stevie finally gets eyes on Nelson, she gives him an earful - she’s been looking all over for him, and they have a lot of work to do!

Remi and Bree end up face to face, their new flings beside them, and it’s awkward. Bree and Kirby then try to have a girl’s day out by the beach.

However, their plans are thwarted when, in an attempt to convince Nelson of her vision, Stevie drags him and Remi there too. Bree later dials Nelson’s number and agrees to go on that date.

Things are off to a great start, until…. surprise, they run into Stevie and Remi again! Nelson, unaware of all the messy connections in the group, invites them to join. With no other choice, Remi sits down silently next to Bree, the two of them ready for an excruciating double date.

Stevie is unaware of the connection but finally puts two and two together – so Bree is Remi’s ex! When it finally gets too painful, Bree excuses herself, and Nelson follows.

She tells him the truth about the situation, and he’s sympathetic. He also tells her he really enjoyed her company and was going to invite her for dinner. Bree smiles, not hating that idea at all.

Remi, feeling remorseful for his role in the double date, asks to meet up at Bree’s place later. He tells her that all of this will get easier with time, and the two of them agree that they will always want the best for each other.

Eden comes home from visiting Imogen, teary-eyed, and Cash does his best to comfort her. Just when they’re about to savour a precious moment alone together, there’s a knock on the door.

Cash opens the door – but, surprise, it’s Stevie! She barges in, complaining about Cash’s safety measures and how he’s making extra work for Nelson. Silent and fed up, Eden grabs the bottle of wine, marches into the bedroom and shuts the door behind her.

Elsewhere, it’s been a week since Levi unofficially moved in with Mackenzie, and things are… strained. Mackenzie is barely home, when Eden shows up at hers.

She bangs on the door, demanding to see Levi. Deciding to settle this once and for all, Levi goes to see her. Eden then tells him that she’s never going to forgive him for this, and that he’s dead to her. And with that, she walks away.

Levi is absolutely heartbroken. As he cuddles up with Mackenzie though, he tells her that even if his life is falling apart, being there with her makes it all seem okay. Mackenzie awkwardly takes the cue - she’s never started living with someone so quickly…and they need to talk.

Mackenzie addresses her concerns about living with Levi so soon in their relationship, and he’s receptive – he gets that he just turned up on their doorstep, and they never had a proper conversation about the arrangement.

If she wants him to go, he tells her, he’ll go. But Mackenzie surprises him by suddenly backflipping – he’s had his life turned upside down, after all, so no rush. Despite what her head tells her, she wants to follow her heart. She doesn’t want him to leave, and he feels the same way.

Also happening on Home and Away, a mysterious stranger turns up at the surf club later. His name is Marshall, and he’s the lawyer Harper has arranged for Tane. Due to Tane being a no show, Marshall has no choice but to retreat somewhere to work for the next few hours - Salt.

He strikes up a conversation with Felicity, and the two of them have surprising chemistry! In fact, by the end of the day, they’re back at Felicity’s place and are all over each other.

Tane finally meets with Marshall for the first time and with Harper by his side, the three of them head to Salt to have their meeting. Felicity, who’s riding the high of her one-night stand with Marshall and still has no idea about his job, spots them immediately.

Her face falls. What’s her fling doing at the same table as her ex-husband?! She quickly puts two and two together, and she’s mortified.

Felicity pulls Marshall to the side. She tries to tell him quickly and discreetly that he can’t be here: not because of what happened last night, but because of his client. Unfortunately, before she can explain any further, Tane walks over – he overheard the whole conversation.

Felicity runs after him, but he doesn’t let her get a word in - he’s furious, assuming that this is just another twisted way for his ex to interfere with his life. Felicity is equally as mad – not everything is about him, and this was her trying to move on! They’re so busy arguing that Tane misses two calls from Rose about his check-in – he’s fifteen minutes late…

Tane rushes to the police station to check in, but by the time he gets there, it’s too late. Rose is already there, waiting, and she’s fuming. Tane apologises for missing her calls and begs her not to mark him as missing, but Rose won’t budge. Disappointed, she tells him to give her one reason why she shouldn’t just arrest him on the spot. Things aren’t looking good for Tane.

Also, Justin and Leah approach Theo at the garage and he’s nervous - what’s going on? Justin launches straight into it – he read Theo’s half-finished letter by accident, and he and Leah just want to talk.

Sitting down together, Theo expresses his frustration with himself, that he feels like he does nothing but cause trouble for them. Frankly, he thinks he’s a screw-up, and he has no idea why they put up with him.

Justin and Leah respond kindly. They tell him that he’s made some mistakes, but their lives wouldn’t be half as good without Theo in them. Ultimately, he’s family, and they’re always going to get through tough times together. Theo smiles, feeling relieved and supported.

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