Neighbours reveals sad news for Jane's wedding story

 Neighbours airs another worrying sign for Jane Harris and Mike Young's future next week.

The pair's upcoming wedding seems to be under threat when it's revealed that Jane is having second thoughts.

Jane and Mike reunited in the heartwarming 2022 series finale episode. When Neighbours returned last year, the couple got engaged but were quickly torn apart when Mike accepted a job in the UK.

Mike has extended his stay several times since, creating uncertainty over his long-term future with Jane.

Next week, Mike's daughter Sam grows increasingly concerned about the closeness between Jane and her ex-husband Victor Stone.

Victor is being supported by his family following the sad news that he's terminally ill. Fearing that Mike is being pushed out of the picture, Sam decides to re-focus Jane's attention back on the wedding.

She arranges a special surprise for Jane by booking an appointment for her to find her wedding dress.

Jane isn't pleased to be put on the spot like this, but goes along with the dress search when she realises Sam is acting out of fear.

Byron also gives Jane some advice, explaining that Sam needs to see that Jane is still committed to marrying Mike and combining their families.

Jane gets into the spirit of things as she tries on several dresses and outwardly appears to enjoy the day.

In the end, Jane finds the perfect gown but sheds a private tear in the changing rooms – revealing she now has doubts.

Later, Jane feels further unsettled when she returns home and finds Victor chatting to Nicolette about his plans to leave his children with a viable business to secure their future.

Jane is struck by the realisation that this Stone family endeavour won't include her.

Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison spoke about whether Hollywood star Guy Pearce could reprise his role as Mike in person again rather than just on video calls.

Herbison told us: "It's a wonderful dilemma to have. We're very grateful to Guy for continuing his association with the show. Anything is possible but, of course, it depends on his schedule.

"That said, the distance will soon prove difficult for Mike and Jane and they will need to reassess their future."

Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday, June 17.

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