Neighbours to air shock death week involving seven characters

 Who will not make it back?

Neighbours is set to air a death twist involving seven Erinsborough residents, including fan favourite Toadie Rebecchi.

On August 19, the Aussie soap will kick off the official "Death in the Outback" week of episodes, seeing a bunch of character heading for the remote area but not everyone returning safely.

The focus will be on Toadie, Holly Hoyland, Melanie Pearson, Haz Devkar and Mackenzie Hargreaves, as well as guest stars Anica Calida as Tess Carmichael and Ethan Panizza as Heath Royce.

The tense storyline will see Holly and Heath going on a last-minute holiday without notifying anyone. Holly is blissfully unaware of the danger that lurks around her in the Outback, both on land and in Heath, her secret love interest.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Melanie have disappeared from Erinsborough without a word, causing concern amongst their loved ones.

When Haz and Mackenzie can't reach Holly, they suspect something isn't right and decide to catch the next flight out to the Outback.

The upcoming subplot comes as Ryan Moloney gears up to leave the soap after nearly three decades in the role of Toadie. The actor will depart as series regular, but may still make an appearance down the line.

"After 30 years playing Toadie, I will be leaving Ramsay Street. I can't tell you what is happening to the character – maybe I could be the next Jim Robinson. Or maybe I'll be the next Harold Bishop and keep popping back over the years," Moloney said of his exit, revealing he'll go on to direct some episodes of Neighbours.

"And although I won't be bringing you our fantastic storylines from in front of the camera, I will be bringing them to you from the other side, behind the camera.

"I've just started director training and have just finished filming my first episode as director – so I really hope that you enjoy that.

"Thank you all for the love that you have shown me and Toadie over the years. Three decades, in fact. I'll miss you, I'll miss him, and I'll miss Erinsborough… but whatever you do, make sure you don't miss what's going to happen on Ramsay Street.

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