Home and Away: Rose struggles to help Xander in his grief

 Xander is struggling with survivor's guilt....

When a crime is committed, policewoman Rose is dedicated to solving the case. But when it involves her own brother, she's at a loss to help.
In Home And Away, paramedic Xander (Luke Van Os) is on a slow path to recovery after he and his partner were brutally ambushed during a shift.
Though his physical injuries are beginning to heal, emotionally, Xander is broken.
He learns his partner Jamie (Hugo Liu) was killed and feels guilty for being alive.
''It's survivor's guilt and it eats him up inside,'' Luke tells TV WEEK.
Rose is worried about her brother, but isn't sure how to help him. IMAGE: Seven
Rose (Kirsty Marillier) poured her efforts into finding the assailants – which she did – but her priorities didn't impress boyfriend Mali (Kyle Schilling), who was disappointed she didn't stand by her brother first.
Their argument ended in a shock break-up.
At the hospital, Rose checks in on Xander's progress and mentions the funeral for Jamie. To her surprise, Xander insists on attending.
''Xander feels the loss of Jamie deeply, as well as the pain for Jamie's family… he wants to do everything possible to help them grieve,'' Luke says.
''But in doing so, he also becomes a bit reckless.''
Doctor Bree is concerned Xander wants to leave hospital too
 soon. IMAGE: Seven
In the corridor, Dr Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) alerts Rose to her concerns. Xander is grieving and agitated – in his condition, leaving the hospital isn't advisable.
''Rose is worried about Xander and his reckless attitude – especially while he needs to heal,'' Luke explains.
''She's worried about him, which causes a few arguments between them.''
Having already lost her relationship, is Xander slipping away too?

‘Goodbye, Dad!’: After a troubled stay, Ava decides to leave

With a court date looming and the prospect of watching her father go to jail a real possibility, teenager Ava agrees to leave Summer Bay and return home.
Ava (Annabel Wolfe) has created trouble since she arrived and set her sights on Theo (Matt Evans). But her manipulation went too far and caused her father, Justin (James Stewart), to attack an innocent man after she led him to believe she was being assaulted.
When her lie was revealed to be nothing more than a ploy to reach Theo, it was too late.
Ava's time in the bay with Justin hasn't been easy. IMAGE: Seven
''On the surface, it seemed as if she was running away from her heartbreak and Theo,'' Annabel tells TV WEEK.
''Yet at the core, I believe it was a final, desperate plea for her father's love.''
A guilty Ava refuses to leave the Bay, but Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is resolute: Justin can't focus on his legal fight if he's still trying to protect her.
In a heartfelt goodbye, Justin realises this may be the last time he sees her before he goes to jail.

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