Home and Away spoilers: Justin’s daughter Ava arrives – and she’s behaving strangely


Justin (James Stewart) has just said goodbye to Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who is heading to Cyprus to visit VJ (Matthew Little) and his daughter to celebrate her birthday. It’s business as usual, as Justin and Theo (Matt Evans) head to the garage and start a day of work.

However, Justin gets the shock of his life when his daughter, Ava (Annabel Wolfe), appears in front of him.

She tells him nobody was home, so she figured he’d be at the garage. However, Justin has a more important question – what is she doing here? Ava, now 16, reveals she had a fight with her mum, so she took a bus to the Bay. Justin is still in shock and immediately calls Nina.

Although Ava’s mum isn’t happy she ran away, she and Justin agree that their daughter can stay in the Bay for a while. Ava is thrilled, but Justin has been given more than just the basics by Nina. He asks her about why she’s been pushing boundaries with her mum – for example, who’s the boy she’s been speaking to online?

Besides, they have a gig to prepare for. Ava is thrilled to attend the live show in Salt, and asks if she can have a photo with the band. Justin snaps a photo of her beaming as she stands in between Kirby and Theo – but it’s clear she only has eyes for Theo.

As the evening goes on, Kirby raises her eyebrows as it becomes clear to her that Ava is quite the fangirl – but not just of Lyrik in general. As far as she’s concerned, Theo is the only one in the band! Meanwhile, Justin offloads to Irene about how he can’t connect with his daughter anymore. Little does he know, the worst is yet to come…

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